The Wisdom, Truths, Lies Revealed for the Americans in the Last Days

12-16-2018 Final Day of Hanukah Connect the Dots to the Last Days

13th Pyramid Mystery= Zawyet El Aryan Pyramid disvovered Adjacewnt to Giza Pyramid complex

911 Connection to the Last days and why the occult has made this such a Mocking Part of worlds life!!!

All Wars are not Arbitrary

Bible Characters are not in Control of History. History is Not Arbitrary every Knee will Bow!

Black Cube clubdecoded to get you thinking Jesus New Jerusalem is a Cube and not a Pyramid

Climate Change Hype is Just a smoke Screen to Excuse the famines and earthquakes and Judgments of these Last Days

Details of the War of the Roses

During the Loosing of the 4 Carpenters God is killing off some of his most ardent enemies!!! (2)

Feast days related to their suns angle from the North Pole and speeds of the Sun and Moon above the Flat Earth

Flat Earth Connection to Giza is .091122159 miles proves 911 and proven by phi

George HW Bush Killed by God Like Rockefellor as God Cleans house in the Last Days

God_s success at predicting the next move of the Prov. 16_4 evil rulers documented

History is not Arbitrary it is moved along by the Hand of God!!!

Hollywood is not just for sinners anymore they are giving Helpful hints to Saints in these Last Days

How the Fish Eye Lens was Meant for Evil in Allowing the Globe Earth Deception decoded

JFK 1122 revealed Study

King Author Decoded by Rosette Delacroix

King Authors Life Defined by God to establish the early Church and reveal America to discover the North Pole_Garden of Eden

Know your Greek Mythology or you will miss the hints given in all Hollywood Movies

Latter Rain starts on Aug. 24, 2019 with the Rise of the Antichrist…

Learn Enoch_s design Procedure for the movement of the Sun and Moon Per Enoch_s gates

Learn the design Procedure for the Giza Pyramid and you can design Gods Flat earth and New Jerusalem and Gods Throne

Leelands 294 Melchiezedek is the Tribe of Zadok the tribe that Jesus Came from the mystery 15th tribe

Leelands last Days 3.33% WILL BE SAVED!!!

Leelands timing schedule

Master John Dee Letter documentation and King Author History documented for Garden of Eden Study

Newton must have been eating a Fig Newton when he lied about Gravity to save the Globe Deception. Tesla Knew the Truth!!!

Queens chamber =38.16 degree Sun Angle predicted the Day Queen Elizabeth Rose to Power. Additional Presidents of USA decoded

The Abomination that Makes Desolate is coming 11-11-2021

The Chronicling (2 Chron. 23-28) of the Kings that Represent the House of David leading to the tribe of Melchisedec

The Original War started in Eden has never stopped Good Against Evil

The Seven Churches and the 7 church proving Repeating History!!!

Your Perspective in life will change when you realize the Whole Universe is a Fractal from the Giza Pyramid of Height .091122159 Miles tall