Israel and its Coming Destruction and Definition as Mystery Babylon!

Please enjoy our latest warning. Israel and its Coming Destruction and Definition as Mystery Babylon. In this movie we made a compilation of information from two of our Favorite Last Days Ministries  “Parable of the Vineyard” and the other is an End time favorite “Leeland Jones Youtube channel”. Of Course we add the details of the actual Ezekiel’s temple and the truth of the work God is doing during the four Carpenters ministry. The Killing of some of Gods enemies John McCain, Rockefeller, HW Bush. For those that follow the majority of the Christian churches in America you don’t even know you are in the last days. Simple truth is that the last days started on 12-21-2010 and will finish in early 2025. Or Ministry is mainly to Americans still embracing the Globe earth deception and not seeing the  daily deceptions in the News Media. We predicted a year ago with the Trump tweet of 11-16,2017 that Chaos would  start on 11-22-2018. ( anniversary of JFKs assassination in front of the mason temple in Dallas Texas. Sure enough it went wild in France Bumble bee riots financed by George Saros. We now warn you Leeland has announced the date of the Antichrist sitting on Aug. 24, 2019 and that means Chaos must escalate exponentially so the world is ready to embrace him. On March 29, 2019 the Brexit Vote deadline comes on the same day as Trumps 100 days to Leave Syria. Wow Is it death to the neighbors of Israel or is it death to Israel. This video thanks to Leeland clearly shows Jerusalem in Israel as Mystery Babylon. We are not sure if the “Parable of the Vineyards” interpretation of Eze. 36:5 will be revenged by God at this point or after the antichrist sits in August. Either way we are living in the last days and you better start home bible schools in order to search the truth. If you want our web pages have been screened to remove any false teaching ie Rapture, flat earth miss directions by Masons playing to be sincere but really just there to cause confusion. Please visit our Lastdaysand and or


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